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More and more evidence is pointing to mobile phones causing damage to health. Recent reports have linked intensive exposure to electromagnetic fields to loss of memory, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Leukaemia, Brain tumours, Headaches and other health problems.

The Fostac Radiation Modifier a product originating from Switzerland and now produced by Tachyon Energy Solutions, South Africa, was tested at the Coghill Research Laboratories in the UK and found to have a "significant protective effect".

The Fostac Radiation Modifier has been specially treated with an advanced technology which has permanently changed its molecular structure.
The Fostac Radiation Modifier does not alter the frequency used to send and receive the signals for a mobile phone in any way.

A mobile phone emits a whole range of different frequencies, i.e. microwaves, from the electronic inside the mobile phone itself and the battery. Therefore the mobile phone is surrounded by a field of negative EMF's (electro magnetic fields) and this is what we are able to alter in a positive way by applying the Fostac Radiation Modifier

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