Yello Telecom

Tel: 082 785 7112
Fax: 0866154096

Location: National


Turnkey Solution Provider

Cellular/National/International least cost routing and SMS solutions.
Mobile Handsets - contracts,upgrades,change outs.
Specialising in PABX's - ISDN/Analogue plus Telephone Management Systems.
Telephones, VoiceMail, cell routers, Fax to E mail services.

Free assessment and references available

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Staff Training

Free Fax 2 Email

Tel: 0829286983 / (011) 402-3292
Fax: 086 616 0026

Location: National


If you can download your email, why not download your faxes as well?
You can save a fortune on fax rolls, paper, ink, Telkom dedicated fax lines and time by selecting only the faxes you need to print. Your fax line will never be busy or out of order! So if receiving faxes are important to you or your business or home, then Free Fax 2 Email is for you.