has been developed by Debbie Engelbrecht Communications Consultants.

Debbie has been involved in telecommunications since 1988.

The ever changing world of technology has made the decision making process very complicated for consumers in the telephony market.

With a wide variety of options available it can be quite daunting to source the correct company to advise you on what could be a large capital expenditure.

To assist the public in this venture, has now geared itself towards a listing of telephony companies in South Africa, to be viewed at a glance.

Furthermore, phonebooth will take on the duties of providing a searching client with 3 suppliers, specialising in the field of their request.

Debbie Engelbrecht Communications Consultants have thus become an online medium for clients to source the correct suppliers at no cost whatsoever.

In addition to this, it has become apparent over the years that no matter how advanced the technology, it is only as good as the people behind it! Hence the birth of the training division which is there to assist clients on an ongoing basis with the empowerment of their staff.

Please see our link to our seminars page which will keep you updated on the availability of training seminars in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

The site is continually being marketed in a number of ways.

Apart from the normal search engine listings and other business directory listings which are proving more and more difficult to secure prime spots on, we already do e-mail advertising to a base of 14000 companies monthly (as of September 2004) this figure has doubled in the last 3 months and we will strive to achieve this again!

The nature of the knowledge being shared at the seminars is such, that when a company implements the theory, they will be looking for suppliers - another powerful marketing tool!

Print Media Advertising is the next get yourself listed!